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Benz Micro SLR-Gullwing 34952

Das Benz Micro SLR-Gullwing 34952 ist ein ultimatives Low Output  Moving Coil (MC) Tonabnehmersystem mit 0,34mV Ausgangsspannung (Low Output) zum Anschluss an den Phono MC Eingang. Empfohlene Spielpartner des Benz Micro Zebra L sind der Primare R35 oder der kompakte Primare R15.
SEHR GUTER, voll funktionsfähiger ZUSTAND in OVP – aktuelle Version mit MicroRidge (MR) Nadel, im Kundenauftrag, wenig gebraucht, ca. 200 Stunden gespielt, inklusive OVP, Zubehör und drei Monate Bring-in Gewährleistung. Lass´ uns reden!
VERY GOOD, fully working condition – current version with MicroRidge (MR) stylus, slightly used, approximately 200 hours carefully played, including accessories and three months bring-in warranty, I sell for one of my customers. Let´s talk!

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Benz Micro SLR Gullwing – Mehr Info

Zitat aus STEREOPHILE Recommended Components April 2024:
HR wrote that this “fragile little beast that’s been around for a while, but it can reproduce recorded textures with an overtly tactile, right-there-in-front-of-me intensity that most other cartridges can’t match.” The Gullwing does need to be loaded with a relatively high impedance. HR again: “With a 550 ohms load, the Benz Micro delivered an exceedingly smooth and precise response that wasn’t just pretty and flat; it excelled at presenting the vigorous drive, lifelike tones, and extra-dense, in-my-room presence I crave from the best-engineered 1950s mono discs.” (Vol.45 No.12, Vol.46 No.9 WWW)”
Zitat aus Stereophile September 2023:

(…) But today, playing those Piazzolla LPs set at 400 ohms, it displayed free-swinging vigor, just-right damping, and natural transparency—a perfect match for the Gullwing SLR. More than any other cartridge I’ve used, the Gullwing SLR made my three favorite recordings, two of my reference phono stages, and my Falcon Gold Badge speakers sound more exciting than I ever thought they could. That makes it a cartridge I could live happily with forever after.” (…)
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Benz Micro SLR Gullwing SNr 34952 0,34mV Low Output MC Moving Coil Tonabnehmersystem