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Grado PS1000e XLR Kopfhörer

Der Grado PS1000e XLR ist der ultimative Kopfhörer der legendären Grado Professional Series. Aufpreispflichtige Sonderversion BALANCED mit Grado Anschlusskabel 2,0m und 4 Pin XLR Stecker. Dein (Kopfhörer-)Verstärker hat einen 6,3mm / 3,5mm Klinkenbuchse Kopfhörerausgang? Die Lösung: optional erhältliche 4 Pin XLR Buchse > 6,3mm Klinkenstecker Adpater bzw 4 Pin XLR Buchse > 3,5mm Klinkenstecker Adapter. Inklusive Grado Verlängerungskabel (6,3mm Buchse > 6,3mm Klinkendstecker) 3,0m.

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Grado PS 1000e – 6moons Review

6moons.com schreibt über den GRADO PS 1000:
(…) “But it offers the most generously burnished tone and the most powerful and well-controlled bass to arguably be the best choice for those who listen to predominantly modern popular music which on a whole isn’t that well recorded but demands proper anchoring down low. The biggest hurdle here really is the high price when considering the old-fashioned and somewhat funky ‘vintage army radio operator’ appearance. It’s where a small outfit like Grado stretches itself thin to be out-muscled and out-blinged by the far greater resources of its corporate competitors. (…)

In closing, the PS1000 delivers the traditional sonic Grado virtues at their very best yet short-changes the informed luxury shopper on secondary matters which are sonically irrelevant. Whether that makes them irrelevant period is a valid question. I let you be the judge. In my digs, the PS1000s are the equivalent of my Zu Essence loudspeakers – feisty, fulsome, dynamic and warm whist offering rather more refinement than pure career rockers would.” (…)

Grado PS1000 Balanced XLR Kopfhörer Professional SerieGrado PS1000e Kopfhörer