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Grado PS2000e Kopfhörer

Der Grado PS2000e ist der ultimative Kopfhörer der legendären Grado Professional Series. Grado Anschlusskabel 2,0m mit 6,3mm  Klinkenstecker. Inklusive Grado e-Serie Verlängerungskabel 3,5m – 6,3mm Buchse > 6,3mm Klinkenstecker. Dein (Kopfhörervor-)Verstärker hat keine 6,3mm Klinkenbuchse? Hier findest Du die passende, hochwertige Lösung: Wywires Adapter.
SEHR GUTER ZUSTAND, in OVP inklusive Zubehör und zwölf Monate Bring-in Gewährleistung, im Kundenauftrag.

Listenpreis = 2.999 €
Sonderpreis = 1.999
– für einen wenig gebrauchten Kopfhörer – VORRÄTIG

Optional gegen Aufpreis erhältlich:
Grado e-Mini Adapterkabel – 6,3 mm Klinke > 3,5 mm Klinke-Adapter = 30 €

the absolute sound schreibt über den GRADO PS 2000e:
(…) “The soundstage was cleanly defined from edge to edge or, uh, ear to ear. A good example was Dean Martin’s “I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You)” from Dream with Dean, where the spread of the soundstage places the bass and lightly brushed drumkit at opposite sides of the stage but acoustically linked together in purpose by the wealth of ambient cues. Generally speaking, the Grado soundstage wasn’t the narrower, more vertically oriented representation of my resident HiFiMan Edition X ’phones, but rather a truer horizontal, reasonably dimensional stage that supplies relevant cues to the acoustic weight and breadth of an orchestra in full song. There’s a whole-cloth continuousness about the soundstage with the Grado.
In my opinion, today’s high-caliber headphones don’t get a free pass simply because of advancements that have reduced distortion and heightened transparency. Yes, these are significant qualities, but to be of the highest caliber headphones must also create an authentic and immersive space—the reverberant atmosphere of a recording venue. This was the area where the PS2000e excelled. Cue up an ambience-rich track of massed voices, with organ and strings, performing in a voluminous hall, as in Rutter’s Requiem, and if you close your eyes it is often like listening to a terrific high-end loudspeaker. There is an unvarnished honesty, emotion, and intensity about these ’phones.
Ten years between flagships and two years in the making? The PS2000e was worth the wait.”

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