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Grado RS1e Kopfhörer

Der Grado RS1e ist der “grosse” Kopfhörer der legendären Grado Reference Series. Grado Anschlusskabel 1,7m mit 3,5mm Klinkenstecker. Inklusive 3,5mm-Klinkenbuchse > 6,3mm Klinkenstecker Adapter.

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Sound and Vision schreibt über den GRADO RS 1e:
The Grado RS1e is lightweight and has a big-as-all-outdoors soundstage and clarity that are unbeatable in its price class.
(…) Listening to movies, I loved the way the RS1e melted away; they disappeared as I fell under the spell of Carol. This smoldering romantic film set in the early 1950s has an especially natural soundtrack. My Oppo PM-1 headphones sounded good, too, but with the RS1e, I forgot I was wearing headphones!
The Grado RS1e is a lot of fun, and that’s the best way to sum up the sound of these headphones. Then again, I feel that way about the sound of all Grado headphones!”

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Grado RS 1e Kopfhörer Reference Serie

Grado RS 1e Kopfhörer Reference Serie