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Grado SR225e Kopfhörer

Der Grado SR225e ist der zweitgrösste Kopfhörer der beliebten Grado Prestige Series. Grado Anschlusskabel 1,7m mit 3,5mm Klinkenstecker.
SEHR GUTER ZUSTAND, Demomodell in OVP inklusive zwölf Monate Bring-in Gewährleistung.

Listenpreis = 280 €
Sonderpreis = 215 € – für einen Kopfhörer aus meiner Vorführung – VORRÄTIG

Optional gegen Aufpreis erhältlich:
Grado Prestige Serie Adapter – 3,5 mm Klinke > 6,3 mm Klinke = 10 €

schreibt über den GRADO SR 225e:
Grado SR225e Review – Like the Grado SR80… but better!
(…) “Conclusion – Affordable, stylish, and truly great sounding open-back headphones
Throughout the Grado SR225e review, there has been one thing sticking out in my mind, and that’s the price.  Sadly with the way the audiophile headphone market has gone in recent years, it’s becoming harder and harder to find something in the on-head category that can produce a high-end sound without breaking your bank.  The Grado SR225e, to me, seems to be a hell of a bargain.  In fact, now having heard every headphone in the Grado E-series range, I can’t really fault any of them at their respective price points.  If you can live with the design’s minimal discomfort and are comfortable with the open-back design, you are in for a real treat, sonically.”

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Grado SR225e Kopfhörer Prestige Serie