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Martin Logan BalancedForce 212

High End Aktiv Subwoofer mit ARC Raumeinmessung
Ausführung Hochglanz schwarz

Die Martin Logan BalancedForce 212 ist das grösste, leistungsfähigste Modell der Martin Logan BalancedForce Subwoofer Baureihe. Es kommen je zwei 30,5cm Bass-Chassis und Verstärker mit 850 Watt Ausgangsleistung in einem geschlossenen Gehäuse zum Einsatz. Mit dem optional erhältlichen PBK (= Perfect Bass Kit) kann der Martin Logan BalancedForce 212 per Raumeinmessung optimal an den Hörraum angepasst werden.

Sonderangebot / Special offer Martin Logan Balanced Force 212

Spielt perfekt mit den grossartigen Martin Logan Renaissance ESL15A Stand Lautsprechern und dem Martin Logan Focus ESL-C18 Center Lautsprecher zusammen.

Zitat aus der Hersteller website:
„BalancedForce 212 baut auf der bahnbrechenden Technologie des ursprünglichen Descent auf und enthält neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen, die die Systemintegration vereinfachen und gleichzeitig die Leistung verbessern. Die zwangsentfernte Konfiguration mit zwei Treibern eliminiert praktisch die Bassresonanz. Jeder robuste, maßgefertigte Aluminium-Kegel-Treiber wird von hochentwickelten DSP-basierten Hochleistungsverstärkern angetrieben. Das Ergebnis ist eine dynamische, uneingeschränkte Ausgabe auf die tiefsten Frequenzen, wobei sich Klarheit und Definition an elektrostatische Wandler annähern.“ (…)
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Jon Iverson schreibt zusammenfassend in Stereophile:
(…) „Big Bottom Line
Trying to recall what I did not like about MartinLogan’s BalancedForce 212, I come up almost empty. The clack clack on turn-on is distracting, and the manual and PBK could do a better job of addressing systems set up for two stereo subwoofers. That said, the quick, tight BalancedForce design and complete range of adjustments, with the ability to make the BF212’s response flat in almost any environment, has yielded a product with few sonic faults.
With contemporary music, and much jazz and classical, there was a tactile presence to the bottom end with the BF212s that is missing from the sounds of most large, floorstanding speakers, let alone anything smaller. As Craig noted when he dropped by later for more listening, the BF212s were „very honest to whatever kind of music you chose to play.“ I’m not just talking about more bass, but the pressure and physicality of air moving quickly in a room. With those recordings whose engineers had been able to get this down on tape or into the digits in the first place, the BalancedForce 212s restored it to my experience of most music without bloat, and without sounding artificially pumped up.
If you can swing the cost, run stereo subs that can be calibrated with a mike in your room. The BalancedForce 212s are so flexible that I can imagine them—used in almost any room, and with almost any speaker—restoring the tactile impact and low-end reach that other subs usually leave by the door.
I’ve come to love what my two Descent i’s can do. But I’ve often had trouble tuning the system’s balance to that precise point where the bass is full but gets out of the way of everything else. This the BalancedForce 212s with PBK did quite well. Whether or not you have MartinLogan speakers to pair them with, I strongly, strongly recommend the BalancedForce 212. It’s definitely not a tubby thumper, and no imagination is needed, because nothing is missing.“
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Kevin East schreibt zusammenfassend in SoundStage! Hi-Fi:
(…) Conclusion
After much work, sweat, and the vagaries of software installation, my results with MartinLogan’s BalancedForce 212, while not perfect, came pretty close to the best possible bass reproduction. The BF212 is one of those rare subwoofers that can be described as essential. It delivers uncompromised bass with clarity, accuracy, and an utter lack of colorations. Once it’s been tuned to a room with ML’s Perfect Bass Kit, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll never need another sub. Never.
That’s the plus side. The minus side is minimal but merits consideration. This speaker is a behemoth and weighs a ton. It is not easily moved around, and needs to be retuned each time you do so. That said, once you find the optimal location, it will simply perform. You can’t ask for better than that.
Although I was hampered by the inability to make direct comparisons of the BF212 with other subwoofers, it is my judgment that the BalancedForce 212 is in a class with the best subs available to the home-audio enthusiast. The BF212 is one for the short list — it’s required listening for anyone who’s dead serious about the low end. Highly recommended.
. . . Kevin East“

John E. Johnson Jr. schreibt zusammenfassend in hometheaterhifi.com:
(…) „MartinLogan, a renowned manufacturer of electrostatic speakers, also makes many other fine audio products, including some impressive subwoofers.
(…) Design The Balanced Force 212 is a very heavy subwoofer weighing in at 140 pounds. In part, this is due to the 12” drivers being massive. That is necessary if one wants a subwoofer to put out massive sound.
(…) You can see that this subwoofer has just about every type of input that one could possibly want, including RCA and XLR inputs for left and right channels, speaker level inputs, and USB/PBK (Perfect Bass Kit). The Perfect Bass Kit is an optional item that lets you perform room correction, and is compatible with ARC Genesis. The PBK input is used for this, and it is a mini-USB port that is connected to your computer on the other end. The “USB Input” on the panel is used for updating firmware and loading MartinLogan speaker-specific custom low pass filters that can be downloaded from the MartinLogan website.
(…) Conclusions The MartinLogan Balanced Force 212 is one of the three best subwoofers I have ever tested.
Likes: Powerful – Low distortion – Flexible – Plenty of inputs – Massive build
Would Like To See: Cell phone app to control volume and upload various custom low pass filters“
Read full review here

Martin Logan BalancedForce 212 – mehr Information (englisch)

Martin Logan BalancedForce 212 – Besprechungen / Tests (englisch)

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