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Wywires 3,5mm-Klinke > 4-Pin-XLR

High End Adapter – Stecker > Buchse

Der Wywires 3,5mm-Klinke > 4-Pin-XLR ist ein hochwertiger Stecker > Buchse Adapter. Dein Verstärker hat einen Kopfhörerausgang mit 3,5mm Klinkenbuchse, Dein (Wunsch-)Kopfhörer aber einen 4 Pin XLR Stecker? Genau für diese Herausforderung ist der feine Wywires 3,5mm-Klinke > 4-Pin-XLR Adapter die perfekte Lösung.

Sonderangebot / Special offer Wywires Adapter

Zitat aus der website des Herstellers:
“WyWires adaptors and extensions allow users to switch out personal listening gear, relax in the listening room without being tethered closely to the amp or DAC. Available in RED and Platinum formulae.
Headphone cable-to-amplifier extension. Compatible with any headphone cable used with any amplifier, DAP, DAC, Apple music product, etc. Available in both RED and Platinum formulae.”

positivefeedback.com schreibt:
(…) “WyWires sent me a 10 foot length of the RED for my Grado PS 1000s to use as an extension cable so I might move around the room a bit. I gave it the required 100 hours of break-in and then compared it to no extension cable at all. I first plugged the Grados into the E.A.R. HP4 directly, then juxtaposed the RED. Keep in mind that doing this adds two connectors which WyWires picked for minimum sonic impact and maximum beauty.

I heard so little difference on CDs and SACDs that I would call it a draw. I tried to imagine some difference, but I could not. I had a top audio friend over who thought he might have heard a bit less bass with the Red, but then changed his mind. The RED is the very first extension cable in my 50 years of audio to not color the sound of top monitor cans on hi-rez music. I am delighted! Of course, the RED is available with a zillion terminations to fit and replace connectors in many models of top cans. Just go to http://www.wywires.com/headphone-cables and see. I heartily recommend WyWires to you for all your connectivity needs and now for personal listening, too! 100% copper and made in the USA. Way to go, Alex!”

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Wywires - Deine Vorteile
  • ich habe die angebotene Ware vorrätig, der Versand erfolgt sofort nach Zahlungseingang
  • ich biete hier ein neues Wywires Kabel bzw einen neuen Adapter an - mit zwei Jahren Bring-in Gewährleistung
  • ich verkaufe seit mehr als 30 Jahren hochwertige High End Komponenten
  • überragende Kundenzufriedenheit - Kundenstimmen
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